PowerUP Heroes (2011) (Part 1) [KinectGamePlay]
PowerUP Heroes (2011) (Part 1) [KinectGamePlay]

Game release date 10/18/2011.

  1. Is this game on turns ? or fight in all time?

  2. the game rocks and the sensetivity is excellent
    and you can easily beat malignance x with shadow x and normal chaos
    use ultra and ultimate chains and paractice dodging,just lean WITH YOUR HEAD TOO
    im no noob,but te fifth in leaderboard
    BTW the sensetivity WILL suck if you are close,go back as much as you can and it will be just fine

  3. @Lars0n I beat the game I know how to beat malignance x I’m just saying the game is not that good half the time dodge does not come out and when he spams the moves which he does I seen in one match he did the electro shield 3 times in a row so I could not attack at all because he was constantly protected. Trust me look at my channel I play fighters so i know strategy behind fighting games. Dance Central 1 and 2, gunstringer and kinect sports are honestly the only good kinect games.

  4. @pmcfarlin7 What? I just told you you HAVE to have a strategy for Malignance X. He’s the FINAL BOSS. Final bosses usually are MEANT to be difficult and have you develop a strategy. You can’t just spam him. I don’t know what you did wrong but it was responsive to me. I’ve had very little problems with responsiveness in Kinect-games. I can think of two reasons for this; one, I calibrate the sensor. Two, I do as the game instructs me to do.
    I’m not trying to change your opinion though, just saying.

  5. @Lars0n The game is not good and yeah there is no strategy did that it would help if it was actually responsive but ubisoft like most kinect games failed again.

  6. @ColdBloodedHayter I’ve completed the game twice. You mad?

  7. @pmcfarlin7 In your deleted comment you said „malignance x will dominant just being able to spam move after move while your struggling to get anything out“. Here’s the thing: you actually need to have a strategy. Spamming doesn’t work. To me it was as simple as waiting for him to do a move that takes a lot of time, like the blackhole, then dodge it and pull off Ultimate Chain on him. It’s all about dodging and countering his melee-attempts.
    Just a sidenote, use some punctuation next time.

  8. is this a good game because im tryin to look for a game for my kinect

  9. thumbs up if you agree chaos sucks

  10. @elitistblack it’s not that im lazy it’s that i don’t have enough room for Kinect because i got a small room and my Brothers got one and it’s too zoombed in you can’t zoom out

  11. @liamx102 how lazy are you?

  12. @subongkosh

    Well, then us Americans will continue complaining……

  13. Attention all players: No one can defeat Soothesayer X or complete the game. It’s 100% true and confirmed by Ubisoft. Don’t buy this game.

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