NBA 2K12 VS NBA 2K11 Graphics Comparison
NBA 2K12 VS NBA 2K11 Graphics Comparison

  1. 2k12 graphics way better except the ball,but 2k11 faces better except for rose and fisher.

  2. Did you get 2k12 and 2k11 ball mixed up?

  3. i think the ball is better in 2k11

  4. XD Bosh in 2k12 looks drunk…so does kobe

  5. I like LeBron’s physical appearance in 2k11 way more, his arms are stronger and muscles are better defined imo.

  6. Is that on pc?

  7. the players in 2k12 is more glossy or shiny like a statue, bad! bad! i like 2k11 more realistic…

  8. d wade looks like he had plastic surgery in 2k12…

  9. @DoctorPlay Whoa, then i’m getting 2k12. I didn’t know they took down the online servers.

  10. @DoctorPlay True. The ball looks waaay more authentic in 2K11… To me, the graphics were on point with 2K11. I didn’t think they needed to make that big of a change regarding it.

  11. @H0lyPh3n0m I just bought 2K12 today. Only reason being is that 2K Sports said they are taking down the servers for 2K11 on November 16th QQ

  12. @DoctorPlay Oh, yw, and i’m thinking about just sticking to 2k11 instead of getting 2k12, from what i hear, it might be a better deceision just to stick stick 2k11(for me)

  13. @H0lyPh3n0m TY for pointing this out. I miss the 2K11 ball 🙁

  14. Dwayne Wade looks nothing like Dwayne Wade in 2K12 and he looks just like Dwayne Wade in 2K11. Your review of the graphics is suspect.

    Thumbs up if you agree.

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