NBA 2k12 myplayer episode 3 Rookie Debut
NBA 2k12 myplayer episode 3 Rookie Debut

Paul Gregana’s pro debut against the Oklahoma City Thunder. How will he fare in his first game, will he start? will he even get minutes? Stay tuned! Subscribe! Comment! Like!

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  1. @MrNothingButAir i didnt know u could adjust sliders on my player.

  2. @pancit1000 Im a scoring SG

  3. what playingstyle are you ?

  4. @zachsylvester How is he copying him? Cause he makes 2k videos? smh…

  5. i really enjoy how you name every player in the starting line up right before the announcers do it! it really adds a life-like feel to the game. please keep announcing them

  6. @zachsylvester dont disrespect redstar like that

  7. No effence u sound so depressed try being more lively

  8. @paulgregana I noticed you have ps3, wanna add me? PSN: FlashZo_9

  9. screw [acers i ddint get a billboard

  10. Ur copyin chris smoove a lil

  11. @MrNothingButAir nah man. Im playing on all star.

  12. did you mess around with sliders or something? You starting off way too good.

  13. I wonder if your myplayer ever gets put in the little opening at the beginning of the game where it featured Steve Nash and Kevin Durant. That would be pretty cool

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