NBA 2k12 myplayer episode 2 Drafted
NBA 2k12 myplayer episode 2 Drafted

Paul Gregana will get drafted, but where? GMs and scouts have done their homework and evaluated not just his basketball skills, but his overall IQ whether he can take the pressure of the NBA spotlight.

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  1. how do i get drafted to a good team coz im in pacers and i dont know naa well but in the vidio game they suck shit are there anny quick ways of getting in a good team

  2. I had 18 points 5 rebounds and 10 assists on the showcase and I got interviewed by warriors pick#11 and bobcats pick#9 and jazz pick#3 I thought I was going to be on top 3 draft pick but turned out I was going to warriors ;(

  3. I got drafted by the Knicks, ima upload vids too btw

  4. @zxcPSP There is never cutscenes like that , hes adding them in with GTA , still a great game though , pick it up for sure.

  5. is there a cutscenes like this for PSP?

  6. Lmao..what you go do with the first pay check ..riding fast af in gta

  7. @mykokkburnz nope, only the Warriors, Jazz, and Suns. I guess only a couple of teams interview you and u will have no control of a team drafting you.

  8. Did boston ever interview you? im planning to just decline every other offer until Boston chooses me

  9. Chris smoove wannabe, anoying voice and doesnt talk much during video nothing fun or interesting either, only this got views is cause he got game early

  10. your videos would be better without adding gta iin the middle

  11. Look forward to the series man…Keep it up and Phoenix…niiice.

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