NBA 2K12 My Player Jake Brown #3: My 1st MVP
NBA 2K12 My Player Jake Brown #3: My 1st MVP

Follow Me on Twitter: I tried something new. Rendered this video in Standard Def and it messed up the audio. Won’t happen again. Peace. Instrumental by Scottzilla. One of the best DJ’s of all time on Youtube! Go Check Him OUT!

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  1. @SavageReloaded you have to have a last name that the game recognizes. When you were creating your MyPlayer there should have been a list of choices for names. If your name has never been listed in the NBA then they won’t call it. For example, Williams is a common name in the NBA, Wiznowski isn’t.

  2. Shake umm how do you get them to say your my players last name? I want them to say mine when I boss it up!

  3. @TheGustovV me neither, he didn’t show up in the playoffs last year and it’s been 4 years since he’s had a scoring tittle. Nuff said.

  4. Dirk & Durant best 1 on 1 players? Who’s that guy, he wears the same number as you…he plays on that yellow team. I can’t think of his name right now…….

  5. @footij2 I did a video called “Why did you become a commentator”. You should look it up. It explains everything.


  7. @WyzaNow True

  8. i think 2k forgot to make this game fun

  9. WHY DOESNT MADDEN DO THE STUFF 2K Does ? Good 2K Game Tho

  10. @ShakeDown2012 isn’t it weird that you played the Mavs in the finals and now your in the Mavs?

  11. @jondough7777777 sorry, that’s what I meant.

  12. @ShakeDown2012 shake i think it’s gonna be released next year (2012). they wanted to put 2 years into development. nba jam was their bball relase again this year.

    either way they gotta bring it!

  13. @pp3k3jamail I heard they’re working on one for this year

  14. A shake is ea sports ever going to make another NBA game

  15. Is that Monta Ellis the jump shot model you have?

  16. @jeff54able wow - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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