NBA 2K12 My Player Creation – It Starts Today
NBA 2K12 My Player Creation – It Starts Today

I’m an idiot, when choosing my Abilities I thought it was something totally different than Attributes so now I guess I have an All-Around play style. But anyways it’s 2K12!!!!!

  1. @ItsPronto i have been tryin to figure out wat playstyle is best

  2. @snowbud10 You know it!

  3. “ I’m making a point guard, ill be 6’1, shoot 3 pointers, not play defense and never pass. also I like to dunk the basketball “

  4. @ItsPronto hey I was one of your first 100 subs and you’ve switched from black ops to basktball why

  5. @ItsPronto I will trust you. Only you. no one else.

  6. @cazjuice Trust me, I pass a lot

  7. I love your videos but can people please stop creating ball hog point guards….

  8. @footij2 if the 2k12 servers weren’t tweaked last night

  9. @83devster83 I’m going to try my first game on Superstar, we’ll see how I do

  10. @ItsPronto nice. And just a little advice, they amped up the difficulty in my player this year. So you might get drafted by a team who won’t do good for a good 15-20 games, but once your my player gets in the groove of it all, you’ll start winning. I’m lookin forward to some JP-FOR-3

  11. @83devster83 Just the MJ one

  12. @fanofb2m07 No doubt about it

  13. @fahksnack yes u can play online in qquick matches and team up and stuff

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