NBA 2K12 Los Angeles “Showtime” Lakers (’86-’87) Highlights vs. Philadelphia 76ers (’84-’85)
NBA 2K12 Los Angeles “Showtime” Lakers (’86-’87) Highlights vs. Philadelphia 76ers (’84-’85)

FYI: Difficulty HOF. Sliders: User/CPU settings: Default Gameplay: 8 Min, 65 game speed. **Notice that these are highlights of shots I did make. There is still about 30 minutes of extra recorded footage I am not showing. So you can think what you want. I only put out videos for your viewing pleasure. Thanks and enjoy! ** Be sure to comment, like and subscribe! More videos coming soon!

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  1. @sarnow76

    2K couldn’t get his rights. Not sure why.

  2. Wasn’t Barkley a rookie in 84-85? This team lost to the Celtics in the East Conf Finals. I know Barkley was on this team. Why isn’t he on it in the game?

  3. @WondurbreadMEDIA I gotta say you do a damn fine job at it too! That looked just like prime Magic out there. Whey you play your homies you should use these Lakers. You’ll be unbeatable the way you make them run!

  4. @preo2

    Haha thanks. I try to implement what they do in real life into the game. I do the best I can.

  5. Man you’re a BEAST with MAGIC! Alley-oops and dishing dimes all day! - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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