Mupen64-360 Nintendo 64 Emulator For Xbox 360 Made By GliGli
Mupen64-360 Nintendo 64 Emulator For Xbox 360 Made By GliGli

This emulator uses libxenon, the free/legal library for XBOX360 homebrew. GliGli takes full credit for the development of this emulator and anyone who may have helped him, I only recorded this video… At the end of this video the sound becomes a little off synced with the video. When the video rendered this happened. Its not a problem with the emulator. Trust me, this emulator runs smooth and audio is synced correctly when you are running it on your Jtag or Developer Kit… Free60: GliGli’s Youtube: GliGli’s Blog: Website

sorry it took sooooooooo long to be put up buti fell asleep so yeah! COMMENT LIKE SUBSCRIBE Link to Patch Maker –

  1. @OGZxBUCK Watermelons

  2. @DerArzt90 I have not actually tried Goldeneye… But I’m sure it runs flawless!

  3. How is Goldeneye running ?

  4. @JiffGomez Because I know people who think its funny to flame on my videos…

  5. why make it comment pending?

  6. will ig et a virus from this ???? plz reply

  7. will ig et a virus from this ???? plz repey

  8. @eZaYxLuVzTina if its for xbox my GT is justaddwater00 ill only be on during the weekend

  9. ok i Have many questions that you might NOT be able to answer, First off.. when I click Download Clean Patch it says Application failed to initiate properly or something, so i either click quitt or continue then it goes away and i still cant save it. Thats the first problem, 2nd Problem is im using v1 of iHC and when I try to update to v2 it says Application could not find the correct version of runtime to open.. I have .Net framework 4 already so i dont know what the problem is. Help ! anyone!!

  10. hosting free 10th lobby now till 12 send me a message for inv o ii Sandham x

  11. I GOT AN ERROR message how do i fix it

  12. it comes up with a unhandled acception please help me

  13. how do u put the patch to your jtag

  14. hey I would like some help with syntax errors please

  15. ModBox v3.0 is already Patched!!!

    Get Working MW2 ModBox V5.0 For Free at

  16. @Spenser0330 the done use it

  17. Dude it only gives us fucking syntax errors!

  18. Mine says descript fail 🙁 What can i do?

  19. i got the same error as u doammo plzz tell me what to do

  20. wer did u get ur jtag?

  21. How do I take the patch of a USB

  22. @soundwaveop have to be a VIP for what?

  23. you have to be a vip

  24. HEY eVERYONE! i will make another tutorial soon on how to put the patch on your jtag

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