Message to my Bronies + Ace Combat Gameplay
Message to my Bronies + Ace Combat Gameplay

Heres a message to all my bonies about the MLP clan and my general plan for it. Also, enjoy a little Ace Combat Assault Horizons gameplay at the end. ————————————————————————————- MLP Clan Website- ————————————————————————————- My Accounts -McSqueakers -GuenterTheGoat ————————————————————————————- Check out that sexy XMB!

  1. @ekkkkkknoes I don’t have Xbox. Sorry

  2. Other games too?
    Halo 3
    service tag: M19 (leet speak for MLP)

  3. @pyroTHEboy Install a custom theme. Its really easy and you can download a lot over the internet.

  4. @TheMcSqueakers How did you change the menu options like that?

  5. Nose friend could not because the ps3 fails me when I hayo good as well but I fig ps3 browser

  6. @011leones

  7. lase that game berry good this morning but hey cool I like Where to this topic and wanted a theme in bronys ps3 and have not found as agredeceria Where to friend you if you say it XD

  8. @theqman24 Pinkie had better be the games section. XD

  9. so much twilight at the beginning I have an EPIC picture of the Mane6 as a background and my theme is of random ponies fitting the theme like music is Ocatavia and photo is Photo Finish and such. ALPHA 4 BANDIT DOWN

  10. I think I got it from Equestria Daily a while back.

  11. where did you get that theme? =^_^=

  12. @pyroTHEboy *SQUEE*

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