Lets Play Skyrim Walkthrough Ep. 5 „Fanny Bandits“ (Gameplay/Commentary)
Lets Play Skyrim Walkthrough Ep. 5 „Fanny Bandits“ (Gameplay/Commentary)

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  1. @Switch123Back It’s just a bird. Dragons doesn’t even show up until you kill the first on outside Whiterun in the main quest.

  2. Bleek falls Barrow was in the skyrim trailer and so was the tower that had the giant thats where the guy in the trailer killed the dragon

  3. expecially french motorboats

  4. sound whoring douche bag lmao im still giggling and the vid is over

  5. Do you start using ctrl to sneak up on wild animals and get a sneak attack bonus in later videos?

  6. love ur commentrys pwn in a non gay way or was it ???

  7. skyrim for xbox please

  8. LMFAO..

    *says to panther as he takes out arrow*
    „Yo, hold this for me“

  9. pause at 8.04 there’s a dragon in the far back flying around 🙂

  10. pwn you are amazing and random how do you do it

  11. what difficulty are you playing on pwn?

  12. ZOMG!!! i will suck ur dick!!! i need skyrim cause i have no xbox games cause i traded them in 4 skyrim… i was $6 short!!!!!! Catch me on PC to chill but plz gift me skyrim on steam!!!! thumbs up for sympathy and friendship???

  13. i got attacked by an f-ing dragon wile waching this vidio

  14. these are cool, i’ll defs be watching them all, just gotta stay ahead of u so the story doesnt get spoiled for me haha

  15. i killed 9 dragons so far this is the best game ive ever played

  16. I hope you finish this one 🙂

  17. Pwn=<3

    ALL HOMO!!!

  18. That Bitch went HAMB!!!

  19. I am an FPS guy, but I have played Fallout: NV and loved that. I am not really into magic and that Lord of the Rings type jazz, but I find Skyrim very interesting and a game that I will definately have to try out.

  20. PWN hold down the fire button with your bow it will make the arrows go further and do more damage.

  21. Hey pwn just wanted to say that your gameplay is pretty awsome
    Probably the best ive seen add me on steam if you want to im Amedloco.

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