Let’s Play Skyrim Walkthrough: Ep.2 „IC Dead Naked People“ [Gameplay/Commentary]
Let’s Play Skyrim Walkthrough: Ep.2 „IC Dead Naked People“ [Gameplay/Commentary]

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  1. @GiangoPretzz cool story bro

  2. skyrim for xbox plz so i can get head well beating ass ;p

  3. Can i get some of that cocain bonemeal?

  4. hey pwn, if you send me a copy of skyrim for ps3 i can send u a basket full of…Cats! Anytime you need a little WMP time now, you can just use a cat to guard your door 😀

  5. epic moment to end at

  6. @OKwhatsthepoint well, like i said i’m not calling u a liar and if what ur saying is true, then i really wish u good luck and a happy life;)

  7. We can you that for yah know spells.. or um cocain. lmfao

  8. Pwn is and awesome commentator, gets serious sometimes and makes a joke about it haha xD <3 it.

  9. what is the difference between a black guy and a bench? a bench can support a whole family

  10. I man is stuck in the middle of the ocean. A boat passes by and asked if the man wanted help. The man said no, God will save me. A few minutes later a helicopter spots him, and asks if he wants help. The man said no, God will save me. Unfortunately, the man dies and goes to heaven. The man asks God, „God, why didn’t you come save me?“. God said „I sent a boat and a helicopter, what did you expect?“

  11. Babyface Pwn Please I Would Like The Game It Looks Awesome And If I Somehow Win I Would Like It For PS3 Please 🙂

  12. …wait.
    Did you say a fucking BEAR?!?
    *video ends*

  13. @TheBeastyReshiram im on a 1st gen ipod that i bought from my best friend for $20

  14. Sorry dude I dont now any joke, i want the Skyrim for PC

  15. @dylanon3k LOL.

  16. im not racist but got some cool jokes…
    what do you call 100 black guys in a barn?
    antique farm equipment!
    can i plz have a ps3 copy?
    oh yeah and did you hear about that Voltzwagon hit the pole at Wal-Mart?
    yea 57 mexicans died ;D

  17. skyrim for 360 pl0x
    BTW – What do you do when your girlfriends parents see you fucking?
    Look them in the eye and finish, like a boss.

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