Let Saints Row: The Third Pimp Out Your TF2
Let Saints Row: The Third Pimp Out Your TF2

Do you love playing Team Fortress 2? Do you really love getting free swag when you pre-order a game? Are you more excited for Saints Row: The Third than a badger who’s getting his own music video?

If the answer to those obviously rhetorical questions was a “yes”, “hell yeah” and “no doubt” in that order then read on. If you answered no to two or more of those questions then go f*** yourself. Just kidding of course. But seriously, please don’t go (he says, without trying to sound too desperate).

Still here? Cool beans. So you can probably see where this is going. By pre-ordering Saints Row: The Third for PC you get some pretty awesome bling to pimp out your TF2.  For your efforts, you’ll get the “Apoco-Fists” and “The Cold War Luchador” which are both Heavy-only items. You also get “The Mark of The Saint” which is a shiny badge that can be worn by all classes.

All of this stuff is based on the Luchadores gang from Saints Row: The Third and can be seen in the pic above.

Saints Row: The Third is out on Friday for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 so you’d better hurry if you want that swag.


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