Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning – Official PAX Demo Trailer [HD]
Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning – Official PAX Demo Trailer [HD]

Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Title: Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning Release Date: TBA 2012 Platforms: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PC Label: EA Games Genre: RPG Age Rating: T

  1. This game looks like it would make a great MMO. Anyone know if the game will have online?

  2. @Kazzarian666 U mad.

  3. @LordOfTheFridge I sense you’re highly butthurt.

  4. @Kazzarian666 Minor graphical enhancements for 30000 dollars and you only get to play casual FPS and RTS games with a fucking simple controller made for two year olds.

  5. @Kazzarian666 Then how come you automatically think everything from Japan sucks and you only play mainstream garbage? People who play for fun are fucking casuals anyway.

    Baka Amerifat-kun, desu~~~ ^.^ XD

  6. @LordOfTheFridge You’re just some little butt hurt fanboy. Grow up kid. I play games because I enjoy them. I don’t play one genre, or games only made from a certain country. I play whats good. Pull your head out of your fucking ass.

  7. @LordOfTheFridge „But the PC is just Xbox 3Shitty games ported onto it with a price tag of 3000 dollars…“ You just went full retard. Do you actually know anything about gaming or computers? First off there’s plenty of PC exclusives. Like you know, every fucking RTS ever. Minor Graphic enhancements? Either you’ve never seen a good PC, or you’re fucking blind. You can build an amazing computer for less then 1000$ that will blow everything else away in Graphics.

  8. @Kazzarian666 But the PC is just Xbox 3Shitty games ported onto it with a price tag of 3000 dollars to get minor graphic enhancements, there’s hardly any exclusives, and they’re all casual trash like Dorf Fort and Minecraft.

    Anime has better visuals, sound and story. Video games waste time on gameplay and everything else suffers.

    Japanese games are always 100% better than Amerifat bullshit, just look at Demon’s Souls, Clannad, Valkyrie Chronicles, Final Faggotry and Mitsudomoe.

  9. @LordOfTheFridge I don’t own an Xbox because they’re shit and a waste of money. I game on the glorious PC, not some piece of shit xbox.

    How is anime better then video games? It’s a completely different form of entertainment.

    Also, I didn’t say all Japanese games suck. Why don’t you learn to read. Few mario games are good, most are just shitty rehashes, and Zelda.. they’re is, what like two maybe three good Zelda games?

  10. @Kazzarian666 You don’t own an Xbox in 2011? Did mommy not want to cough up the dough? Anime is also better than video games in every single way, Manchild.

    If Japanese games suck so bad, how come Demon’s Souls is a greatest hit, and all the most legendary video games such as Mario and Zelda come from Japan?

    Baka Amerifat-kun, desu~ ^.^

  11. @LordOfTheFridge First off, I’m not American. Second off, I don’t own an Xbox, and third off you’re a misinformed faggot. Stop fucking praising on goddamn genre of video games. You’re the worst of the worst. You’re just a mad 14 year old. You probably sit at home and play final fantasy, jack off to hentai porn, and watch anime all day. Real fucking cool.

    I don’t own allegiance to any one genre of video game. Unlike you, I play whats good, and it just so happens most Japanese games, aren’t.

  12. @LordOfTheFridge Ok look, I also like japanese games so I must ask you this, the only videogame named „Clannad“ I know is a visual novel, and „Gears of War“ is a third person shooter, so is there another game also named „Clannad“ that is a shooter and I dont know about? Or did you mean another game and accidentally misspelled it? If so, how is it really called?

  13. this game seems yummy :3

  14. Just need to know if I can jump in this game now. That’s all I need to know. Can I jump around everywhere?

  15. @LordOfTheFridge What the fuck ahaha

  16. @Kazzarian666 Um, no. U mad, Xbot. Keep on praising your shitty Westaboo garbage. I’ll be over here playing my superior Nipponese games.

    Amerifats are tsundere for Glorious Nippon, uguu~

  17. @LordOfTheFridge You mad, bro? Stop being such a fanboy faggot and just enjoy video games.

  18. Im sorry, but why do companies insist on using the Xbox demo….its one of the worst things you can do. If you want to show off the nice graphics, or gameplay or whatever else have you, you can use one of the 2 other platforms…hell ps3 would have been a better choice. Xbox really just turns me off to the game.

  19. the charkrams remind me of dynasty warriors.

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