How to unlock XBLA Games for Free (JTAG)
How to unlock XBLA Games for Free (JTAG)

Tutorial showing you how to get all of the Arcade Games for free.

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  1. @JTAGxPrivateLdw If I were sick (which I almost never am because I actually take care of myself), I wouldn’t be making tutorials that only tighten the jaws of people who are going watch it.

  2. @nirvgorilla Its called having a cold.

  3. What’s with your weirdo sniffing? You sound like a drugged out chemical fiend.

  4. ok what would happen if i use it without a jtag coz on mine it says it unlock the trial ok good but would i get ban becaues its not jtaged xbox

  5. much easier way, get xexloader or w/e(I forgot name) and just ftp your xbox, no need with all this swapping the hd nonsense.

  6. @l33trikimaru im using a averTV HD Capture card, it fits into a PCIexpress slot on my computers motherboard.. it allows you to plug in any external device straight into the computer.. via HDMI, AV or YPBDR

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