How To Mod Test Drive Unlimited 2 With USB – Xbox 360
How To Mod Test Drive Unlimited 2 With USB – Xbox 360

How to mod Test Drive Unlimited 2 for the Xbox 360 using a USB flash drive. Download Modio Here: Download TDU 2 Mod Tool Here:

  1. how much are those computer programmes?



  3. @15VTI yes mine does the same!

  4. @Gutinho331 hey dude how did u get past the survey!?

  5. Hello Mr360Mods,

    I am very grate full u have taken the time out to do this i know it wil help me but every time i click on the link for tdu2 mod tool i do the survey and nothing happens, can u please send me that file as i can not seem to get past the survey please can u help me?

  6. thanks a lot i am now the most happy boy in brazil

  7. when i click on the link for modio it says page not found wtf help plz

  8. I did this and now my xbox jams when i select a device to start the game ?????

  9. i would download the tdu2 editor but all u give us r fucking surveys but good video though.

  10. @MrJesusChrist1 First off, you can get banned for any modification. Permanently. If your scared of getting banned then stop modding now. Because, there’s a chance, that if they find out. Your permanently banned.

  11. Can you do this with a non-microsoft usb?

  12. i did this now my game doesnt work!!!! all i did was mod my money!! WTF?

  13. What do I put on the USB from the 360? My profile, savedata what? Because I took the Save data file and PLAYERSAVE isn’t there.

  14. Do you need to put any gamesaves onto the memory stick or just your profile ??? :S

  15. it doesnt take ten, it takes 6, bellend!

  16. @EduardoMrPT Make sure you have config’ed your usb with your xbox and „MOVED“ your selected profile to the usb.

  17. can you use any usb stick??

  18. @MrX360Mods can someone help me buy giving me some money is there anyway to do that becuasei cant do this

  19. Nice video!
    Xbox version of this game is BETTER!
    Also I recommend you to check this site!

  20. Does this still work as of 7/29/11?

  21. @MrX360Mods

    I did all you say and it works but when I want to play my xbox say that the save date is broken and i have to start a new game pls help

  22. @MrX360Mods does it matter if you put the whole profile on?

  23. if i buy the premium user thing for the mod tool will it allow me to pay in british sterling?

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