How to connect to a jtag through system link (VOICE TUT)
How to connect to a jtag through system link (VOICE TUT)

— Thiis is a tutorial on how to get in a jtag lobby after the dashboard update, Yes this means free lobbys because its all through system link no live needed. That meaning no banned jtags! ————————————————————— Download the Xlink kai: Evolution beta 7.4 for Xp/Vista/Win7 Xlink Kai:

I tried for ever to get it to work and it didnt until my friend show me the right way, hopefuly this helps people out.

  1. do i choose to make changes to my computer and how do i make my own server pleese msg me if you can help thanks

  2. you forgot your password or something i dont really care… lol made my day XD

  3. @MrRedneckboy12 Wow, Nice Spelling Kid 🙂

  4. your a prideful douch!
    thumbs up if u agree!

  5. heyy i dont have a plug to put my router in in my room ( the router is down stairs) is there a way to play up stairs and the router be down ?? help

  6. cant i just put my profile on usb then put it in jtag ???

  7. i got xlink kai and ? players error help

  8. i am connected to my router with ethernet cable and i start kai and it saids UNABLE TO INITIALIZE PSSDK LIBRARY…….(Need HELP PLEASE!!)

  9. yo when i goto start it it takes me to my internet

  10. Or, a laptop, ethernet cable and a wireless network.

  11. Can u get me 10th and spinning emblem I have all done but 10 challenges and spinning emblem

  12. do u still do this cuz i want to get all tittle and emblem+#

  13. mine sais it canot inisulize library what do i do!!!!!

  14. is there a way to do this if u have a wireless adapter

  15. i never new you could do shit like this thanks

  16. @TheReconAgent at least i think so…

  17. @1NAZIzombieKILLER1 yah because its not going on xbox live

  18. @1NAZIzombieKILLER1 Yes…

  19. Can u system link with a banned jtag

  20. Thats dumb how you cant connect to others JtAGS unless you have 30ms ping patch..gotta get my jtag soon my other ones for now i cant do shxt..not even join others lobbies unless theyre close to me

  21. please do black ops mods

  22. @xSpiiritT yes it worked a while back someone told me this but thanks anyways

  23. hey i have modded xbox 360 and i copied wwe 2011 and crysis 2 into xexmenue! i also deleted the system update files from both the dvd! wwe worked fine but crysis 2 is not working it is asking for a update!! can any 1 explain how to run crysis 2? what happens if i update it? i want to keep my xbox modded…so how should i play crysis 2 without updating?

  24. @ACTIVITYxGAMERS i know this is 2 months late…. and you prob either got pissed off and broke/sold your jtag or something or you found your answer… but the game MUST not be scratched otherwise you dont get all the files. you can get a iso online and burn it to a disk and rip it then.

  25. @masterj521 put hte game in and count to 10 then press confirm

  26. @Fuckskinnybitches or his disc is scratched


  28. whenever i hit burn/copy dvd it only gives me 2 files that are video and audio. any help?????

  29. Thanks Mate subed

  30. @Metryhard Let me guess you were the first one to click the dislike button?

  31. @0X0RaPiDzZ0X0 Your USB may not have enough room.

  32. So this only works if i have a hard drive because i only have a usb with XEX menu on it and its not working but before when i had my other jtag it did work because i had a Hard drive but i gues it doesn’t just work with a USB :(.?

  33. Another great and simple video! Thanks man! Others make it out to be algebra, but you make it as easy as abc. Short and sweet. Keep those jtag videos coming. They’re alot of help!

  34. if the progress stops when copying a game it’s because when you put the game in your meant to let the disk spin in the xbox for about 2 minutes before you press confirm. DO PRESS CONFIRM AS SOON AS YOU PUT THE DISK IN OR IT WILL STOP THE PROGRESS

  35. I have the same exact tv, its 50inch right?

  36. wat if u have a game u bought from the market place how would you brun that

  37. el mo dice no se puede iniciar el juego jajaja

  38. i do that but i only comes up with sounds and stuff what do i do?

  39. @thetacticalchicken00 got blackops fully on but i am getting problems with cod4 again 😛 i decided toreinstall again and it gets to like 1 or 2 % and just stops :/

  40. hey dude, before the right way of doing this i put 2 games on my harddrive and they didnt really apear but they also took up 7 gigs each, any suggestions how to remove em? ha

  41. Is it just me or does it stop on blac ops at images.pak

  42. my jtag is being a dick and not instaling any games at the moment.

  43. THANKS MAN! I finally got it! I appreciate it!

  44. hey when ever i copy a games i get a e71 error after rebootn the 360

  45. i get a video and audio.ts file 🙁 plz help

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