Halo CE Anniversary: Walkthrough – Part 1 [Mission 1] The Pillar of Autumn (Gameplay & Commentary)
Halo CE Anniversary: Walkthrough – Part 1 [Mission 1] The Pillar of Autumn (Gameplay & Commentary)

Remember to LIKE/FAV this video if you enjoy it, help it go Viral! Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Walkthrough Part 1 – The Pillar of Autumn This is Part 1 of my new Let’s Play/Walkthrough Series from Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. I simply can not wait to bring you more content from this Game and will be bringing you all this regulary over the next couple of Months along with Multiplayer content and other Games such as Skyrim, Gears of War 3 and more. Full Halo Combat Evolved Walkthrough Playlist – www.youtube.com Full Halo 2 Walkthrough Playlist – www.youtube.com Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Walkthrough Playlist – www.youtube.com Follow me on Twitter – www.twitter.com

  1. The Assault Rifle IS better! The 60 round, allowing you to spit out enough firepower to take down an Elite with one clip. The Assault Rifle Halo 3 onwards was nerfed a bit, with a smaller clip size.

  2. lol pause at 3:26 there are faces on the keyboard XD

  3. i have got all halo games except this, i will get this game if i can,and post a walkthrough IMO,this is awesome, and it is a halo reach style game, mainly the weapons and marines

  4. Just to let you all know the Framerate issues that you see in this isnt actually in the full game, the framerate issues was down to the rendering and was something I didnt notice till Part 2 was uploaded. I can saftly say the problem is fixed and Part 3 runs as smooth as it can, sorry for this minor issue.

  5. @PaulB0991 thanks

  6. @RoXaSRyu Yeah Forge has some new additions on Hang Em High I think.

  7. Paul does know that the multi player is just reach with new maps and if i remember right a few additions to forge?

  8. Overpowered pistol how nostalgic I cant wait to my preorder finally arrives amazons so slow

  9. If you push the back button (in game) you can view the game on its original grafhicks

  10. @gensisark1999 Its a 16

  11. what rating is this cuz i want it for christmas my mum says it has to be under 18. if its under 18 great if its not…… im still getting it

  12. @PaulB0991 cheers bro 🙂

  13. @TheDogslobba IMO this

  14. Que leche de Graficos O_O

  15. please help me i need to KNOW!
    what should I get AC Revelations or this?

  16. YAAAAY its finally here thank you 😛

  17. there making HALO 4 and it continuse after HALO 3 (: {: [:

  18. i think most people’ll be dissapointed if they don’t make halo 2 anniversary

  19. @TheWhiteShadowClan I think it was more to do of how I rendered the video its fixed in the next episode.

  20. man this game has very bad framerate.

  21. @Hakuru15 I intentially said I wasnt going to look at the Terminals i nthis video I know where it is.

  22. thumbs up for halo 2 anniversary

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