Forza Motorsport 3 – Tuning Calculator – Video HOWTO
Forza Motorsport 3 – Tuning Calculator – Video HOWTO

UPDATES: Nov 05th: FTMT4 for Forza 4 i released. Tutorial video will follow. DL: Aug 29th: People thank you i got the 7speed gear boxes. i asked for -ONE- example. Further replys to that topic will be removed. Thanks again for the hints. You may now stop. Jun 10th: due to popular demand: NO SUPPORT on youtube. Support: Feb,27th: Link to Forums Updated ———————————————————— This is the promised tutorial video on how to use SlaveMunkys brilliant Forza Motorsport 3 Tuning Calculator. For the download link and detailed information please head here: As SlaveMunky put very much time and effort into this please think about donating a couple of bugs to him, if you like the results. You will find a link in his signature in the forums opening post, along with all detailed information.

  1. @INSOMNIAC205 Sweet, now im off to go tune some cars!

  2. @Mo7Vsta yes it does. but there is a new version for FM4. i updated the video description.

  3. Will this work for Forza 4?

  4. Well done. Looking forward to FMTC 4 tut!

  5. …and press A ONCE! so you see…

  6. Can u use this on forza4 too?

  7. I promise I am not being mean but you really have a weird voice. NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN.

  8. @dreamerosity hey. please head to the forums for support. i’ve seen thsi toppic come up three times in the past weeks. and have made some suggestions there on page 87 link is in the video description

  9. I just downloaded this calculator and put in the required info from the car but it’s not calculating the information into tuning language. Can anyone help me with this?

  10. @Sarpooll bad luck actualy. you simply can go for maximum available then. though i did not get this results at all. -o.O-
    plan A: check inputs for errors. (like , and . seperators)
    plan B: go to the forums and ask for help / provide information on the car so Slave Munky could do some research.

  11. @KSAS2K again, check the official forums. width is the cars overall width which is found in the car list, or any google or wikipedia of choice. 😉

  12. @UNknown24172 simply open the video description below the video. the link is in there and i just doublechecked it to be correct.

  13. @MB960714 i was up to ignore your question… but ok. as said in the video (or the forums post) the calculator is made to provide a stable and as balanced as possible tune. not a perfect car nor a drift setup. also there is no drift mode for the calc, and most likely will not be in the future. simply is not the goal.

  14. @INSOMNIAC205 I see… ty!! ‚ll give it a try!!

  15. @Epste1n5693 redownload the file and try again. check that the analysis toolpack is installed and enabled. if both doesnt work it might be the case your excel installation might be corupted.

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