First – Saints Row: The Third Official E3 HD video game trailer – PC PS3 X360
First – Saints Row: The Third Official E3 HD video game trailer – PC PS3 X360 – Saints Row Initiation Station, where players can create, share and download the most outlandish videogame characters ever seen, and then upload them as playable characters in the upcoming Saints Row The Third, scheduled for release this holiday. • Play as your favorite train wreck celebrity-turned reality TV star, take aim as your least favorite overpaid prima donna professional athlete, or don a cape as Steelport’s newest superhero (or villain). • Save your master creations and share them with friends. Download other characters for your own use, or tweak them just the way you like. • Collaborate with a friend to create your own dynamic duo for co-op play. Cowboy and Indian? Dominatrix and sex slave? Tag-team wrestling partners with sordid pasts? Your twisted imagination is the limit. The Saints Row Initiation Station will be available free on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC in advance of the release of Saints Row: The Third this holiday.

  1. 0:54 he grabs the cigar at the burning point.. fail

  2. can’t get enough of this trailer!

  3. i wish there is a Irish accent choice! i’m not Irish but i think Irish gangsters are cool for some reason! they sound legit!

  4. @wardog318 Kanye West – Power

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