Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough – Part 4 – Into the Temple! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC Gameplay)
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough – Part 4 – Into the Temple! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC Gameplay)

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Walkthrough Part 4 THE BEST HOTTEST HD Walkthrough on YouTube! (Gameplay & Commentary) Let’s Play / Playthrough with live commentary. I’ll be doing the full Skyrim Walkthrough so please leave a comment, rating, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! twitter.com FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK! facebook.com GHOSTROBO SHIRTS! www.redbubble.com Thanks for watching 🙂 Click here to subscribe! www.youtube.com SKYRIM FULL WALKTHROUGH PLAYLIST: skyrim skyrim elder scrolls v elder scrolls 5 elder scrolls v walkthrough elder scrolls v gameplay elder scrolls 5 walkthrough elf lizard khajiit argonian norde breton imperial dark elf wood elf orc redguard dragon shout spell boss quest mission item beginning intro prologue character creation best hot girl female weapons level up final ending end cutscene opening impressions launch collectors edition elder scrolls oblivion

  1. on the bottom it shows if the weapons better than what you equip

  2. @1emic3 You forgot the capital letters and full stops.

  3. hey i like these vids and hearing your voice and reactions just makes them funny keep up the good work

  4. Again a great video! you should try using a shield to block attacks maybe? I mean dual weiding is great but you lose the blocking abilitiy

  5. ghost when u come across wolves instead of killing them use ur command animal spell. thumbs up so he can see

  6. do not sell that LM gem

  7. You gotta join the dark brotherhood it’s epic

  8. He really sucks at looting. He missed a better bow and two better swords…

  9. 1st for exploring, 1st for combat

  10. Zelda was a good game but this is awesome!


  12. way more epic in first person.

  13. „ahh it’s all over my face“ thats what she said 🙂 teehee

  14. I was screaming when i saw draugrs

  15. 1st person is much more interesting :]

  16. I love how he just goes up to the watch tower and thinks the claws there, but in the end he has to take a huge journey to get it!

  17. I like 1st person all the time

  18. What difficulty do you play on?

  19. by the way robo that wasnt water it was gasoline:)

  20. Lol I’m a genious

  21. 3rd please do 3rd person

  22. I guess you haven’t played an elder scrolls game yet. Soul gems are for collecting souls. You can use them to produce magical things or restore the magic power of such things. Or you can sell them 😉

  23. the best moment for 3th person is fighting a dragon. then you can oversee what the dragon is doing and you see your avatar pull out awesome moves on the dragon

  24. The weird coloured water is oil mate you can let it burn with flames or other fire spells

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