Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Walkthrough Part 22 – Crafting Take 2 – Live Commentary – HD
Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Walkthrough Part 22 – Crafting Take 2 – Live Commentary – HD

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  1. at 12:40 you look like such a doosh.

    you can get bonuses by wearing an armour set. so instead of +50 for elven armour you get +75 for wearing the whole set

  2. uh Naga you get it from looting the thalmor gaurds that killed your friend

  3. hey were do you find the key for the trap door at the beginning of the video PLEASE RESPOND!

  4. Dude you’re coughing way to much man. Lay off those cheap cigars.

  5. I really thank you for playing the game even when you ill thats what you call a person that care for the fans thanks for doing the videos

  6. UM dude do you not know the green and red number at the bottom tells you if the item is better than your equipped?

  7. @randyhanaru Dude, what language are you using?

  8. @randyhanaru Great gramar lol

  9. ur controller is suck

  10. Just about to speak to Delphine and BOOM! Dragon comes and sits on the Inn… Yeah I slayed him!
    Good tut man 🙂

  11. this quest is hard

  12. you can disenchant that iron helm of archery to learn the enchantment then you can put it on any other helm.

  13. @dkay273 SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME xD they go away after a whole though

  14. i dont have the key to get in the cave and its doing my tits in!

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