Dungeon Defenders Easy Mana making Guide and Farming Mana.
Dungeon Defenders Easy Mana making Guide and Farming Mana.

Read Down for Writen deatils If there anything on dungeon defenders you need help with please comment and i will do a video for you HI ya guys thought i would upload mana making and farming guide for the xbox and pc game dungeon defender. The game has been very popular on the pc and xbox but was very surprised not to see any guides on how to make any money. here is a small video on how i made money. Step 1. Start Orge Crush on Hard Step 2. Complete the waves to get the High 5 Step 3. If the High 5 has more than 22 Upgrades and 100 elemental then it usable. step 4. Upgrade the elemental to the max step 5. Sell the weapon to mana plenty of mana. Sucess rate of getting a high 5 to upgrade is around 75% somtimes you can get landed with a rubish one and you can play single play to do it faster:)

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