CoD MW3 Survival Glitches: Outpost Invincible Barrier Glitch – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
CoD MW3 Survival Glitches: Outpost Invincible Barrier Glitch – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

❤100 Likes?❤ **Read** Subscribe 4 More Glitches It’s FREE 😛 Thanks. Text Tutorial: Step1: Jump On The Weapon Armory Step2: Strafe To The Barrels Step3: Walk Where I Do Step4: Jump In The Plane Door Step5: Crouch & Sit At The Back Step6: Like The Video For Helping You!❤ Subscribe 2 Me 4 More Glitches & Commentary’s: Also Subscribe 2 My Back Up YouTube Account: ❤THANKS TO ALL MY FANS❤ **IGNORE** „Modern warfare 3 walkthrough“ Modern warfare campaign walkthrough „MW3 walkthrough“ „MW3 campaign walkthrough“ „Modern warfare 3 achievements“ achievements Survival glitches mw3 modern warfare 3

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  1. how do you strafe jump?

  2. REALLY… How is ‚your welcome‘ a top comment.
    Your Welcome.

  3. Man Good Vid.. Really Nice…!!!!!

  4. patched or what? reply? XO

  5. Lol, nice. Good luck :p

  6. @demonstare1 well i wont make that mistake again

  7. Idk how to reply directly on a phone.. but its just a weird accent or something that I’ve never heard before. Nothing personal, I hope you didn’t take offence. I’m just saying that you have a very unique voice. Just be sure to finish people off if you commit a crime. They’ll identify you’re voice in a heartbeat. Lol

  8. … You have a very awkward voice…

  9. @66Dogface its because treyarc does odd number of call of duties and infinity ward does even number of the games. NotSureIfStupidOrJustTroll.jpg

  10. sounds like harry poter

  11. @Rivanomega they will not patch it because it is not a glitch it is just running and jumping So everyone just stfu

  12. ROFL IT’s funny because everyone says „Infinity Ward“ now instead of „Treyarc“

  13. @cmmnt2254 its a pretty easy glitch to find tbf and also they do just going around watching all youtube videos to find out things to patch so…

  14. what happens when you run out of ammo?

  15. @cmmnt2254 i found out myself. I just searched it up on youtube to see if anyone else found out. And yes, conpanies DO spent time searching on youtube for glitches, cause that’s the easiest way of finding and fixing them. So STFU

  16. @RivanOmega noobs like you are really annoying….
    people put these videos out to share and help people out or whatever the viewer wants…
    1st off, this is hardly a glitch, and you need to keep getting down for ammo anyways…
    but whatever,, my main point is video game companies dont spend all their fuckin time watching youtube, trying to see glitches and patch them…
    RELAX BRO, and if this video, or others like it, werent posted on youtube, YOU would have never even known about it…

  17. haha i found this glitch last night with my friend made it to round 38 first try
    .. we were raging the map looking for lttle glitches n we found this

  18. now remove before patch!

  19. Lmao…Me and a friend just played this, and in this „Glitch“…………. You dont have to strafe jump, simply run and jump :s… and it isnt invincible…

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