Batman Arkham City: Walkthrough Part 8 Catwoman vs. Poison Ivy [XBOX/PC/PS3]
Batman Arkham City: Walkthrough Part 8 Catwoman vs. Poison Ivy [XBOX/PC/PS3]

Batman Arkham City Walkthrough! Welcome to my video Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let’s Play Playthrough of Batman Arkham City with Live Gameplay and Commentary. Batman Arkham Playlist: If you guys enjoyed the video do me a favor and drop it a „Like“ rating. It helps me out a lot =D…

  1. So…….Poison Ivy smells like rotting pumpkins? There goes a little of her sex appeal.

  2. I like how everyone seems to assume Bruce Wayne is some kind of wuss.

  3. 9:15-9:32 I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going

  4. Man the dislike bar is a ninja i know its there, i just cant see it

  5. LMAO Joker gave not only aids to Batman but to half of Gotham city! Sucks to live there XD

  6. 17:52 – 18:07
    That’s What She Said!

  7. He gave me Aids then kicked me out of a window..Lmao.

  8. Damn, Joker thinks his shit through. And Batman now has aids because of Joker. So, now Batman has to find the cure of aids to save himself and all of Gotham.

  9. @alecr17 As long as you buy it new everyone can get it. It an online Pass. But if it used or you rent it you have to pay 10 bucks to play as her.

  10. Hey tetra if you want to use that boost for the grapple press x and the next Time you press x hold it : )

  11. why dont u try upgrading catwoman any that would be nice XD and ps i have subed because of these vids

  12. LOL „he gave me aids n kick me out the window“ Fwahahahaha

  13. perfect a batman year one ad with catwoman in it to a batman arkham city playthrough with catwoman

  14. wheres part 7 ?!?!

  15. @tetraninja awesome! love your videos man, enjoy the game 😀

  16. @tetraninja its a pre order bonus

  17. @tetraninja she is arkham city’s online pass XD

  18. @maverick66 In the back of the case.

  19. What’s the deal w/the balloons all over the place?

  20. @scootercrunch11 haha yeah totally .. nice way to make it up

  21. how many times did you have to re-do the ar training?

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