Batman Arkham City playthrough pt30
Batman Arkham City playthrough pt30

This is my launch-day playthrough of Batman Arkham City, with live commentary. http for game playthroughs for fighting game coverage Follow me on Twitter @TheyCallMeDSP Get merch at

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  1. Riddler Trophy>Officer in trouble.

    Phil needs to get his priorities straight.

  2. When Phil is in a room full of armed men, he just runs and tries to beat them up….but when they’re unarmed he tries to be strategic and stealthy. Wtf???? O.o

  3. @shockwaveytauren

    If you dont like the Way DSP plays his games dont watch his Playtroughs and buy the game yourself
    you smarty

  4. he was just about 2 do the mission but goes to chech sumthin out…… dumbass

  5. so why does cobblepot hate waynes family?


  7. sarah is gordon’s wife


  9. @THEstoRYofFUck13 Son is a boy and daughter is a girl.

  10. @THEstoRYofFUck13 um, you are way of, she is the body gaurd to the DAUGHTER of Raj Al Ghul

  11. @CheesecakeD she is the son rags;s al ghul

  12. which part shows him getting to penguin and freeze???

  13. @CheesecakeD No, she’s relevant to the story.

  14. can someone tell me what happend with copplepot, and how he belives the wayne’s screwed him

  15. I heard that ninja lady in the glass was Kitana from Mortal Kombat
    a easter egg reference from MK vs DC

  16. Critical strike to the balls!

  17. If that „Jones guy“ didn’t give Batman the right code, he was going to be in a world of hurt, seriously!

  18. @TheMonsterENVY Oh seriously? Good, I mean it was a cool touch but I’m gald Black Mask didn’t actually die in this game.

  19. „whos in control here the puppet or the puppeteer?“
    I know that one. Scarface. I’m to mutch of a batman nerd for my own good. XD

  20. @Hessualunlocked Oh never mind thats not Black Mask. Its just a skeleton wearing a mask. Mask was seen at the start of the game its been way too little time for him to turn into a skeleton.

  21. Damnit.. Phil missed the case with Black Mask.

  22. @evilaj2010 lol What? I’m telling you because based on your comment it sounds like you didn’t understand what he said.

  23. @n00bTuber87 No shit fool

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