Batman Arkham City – Park Row – Tyger Security Camera Locations
Batman Arkham City – Park Row – Tyger Security Camera Locations

SUBSCRIBE! MORE COMING! Location of all Tyger Security Cameras in Amusement Mile! Stay tuned! Rendering video takes time! No commentary due to self explanatory map locations. If you have questions, ASK!

  1. …..Er…did I comment on either your Park Row or Amusement Mile TYGER locations? Because you somehow found me and sent me a friend request…… Anyways, great videos and keep up the good work.

  2. nice vid for some reason it took me awhile to find the relay hub.

  3. @nerad1994 yes

  4. Does it autosave aftrr u kill the camera?

  5. @mrzbaker219 the relay hub. lol i didn’t realize how easy they were to find after getting this. oh well, riddler trophies aren’t quite the same since you have to solve puzzles.

  6. @darkaddict18 btw, subbers get the inside scoop on what’s being worked on through bulletin’s. your not subbed you don’t know what’s being worked on. but you subbed =)

  7. @ 2:37 CCTV TYGER Camera Locations

  8. @darkaddict18 Thank you dark! its followers like you that keeps us going… so we appreciate the good feedback. We will be putting some more videos out shortly. More walkthroughs to help people out. So stay tuned. Be sure to post a couple vids in places you know it will help. We appreciate it

  9. @FragStudiosTV Seriously Dude. Great Guides. God Damn I love collectibles. But sometimes too much of a good thing is not always good. Over Indulgence lol. I will get all 440. But Thanks again. I subbed to just now. Hope you keep on posting More. I know you have not gotten a lot of views. But I appreciate it. Keep up the great work and nice Channel you have as well. Later Bro.

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