Batman: Arkham City – Nightwing DLC – Wayne Manor Main Hall (Predator)
Batman: Arkham City – Nightwing DLC – Wayne Manor Main Hall (Predator)

Check out the Nightwing DLC in action with the Batman: Arkahm City DLC. This map is the Wayne Manor Main Hall Predator Map. Get more Arkham City at IGN:

  1. nightwings awsome. i think they should have some villain challenge maps like riddler ot two face

  2. muiltplayer or co-op please

  3. can i have plz 2.00

  4. hahahahahaha 5:05 XD

  5. so wait am confused… if i pre order this itsays i get robin as playable character(whos is the guy with the staff)…wont say anything about nightwing?…is he in the bonus too or i have to get him differently or sth? (pc europe)

  6. sucks how Nightwing can’t glide like in the animated series

  7. I love the epic fail on 5:10…

  8. who saw the enemy at around 2:00 spasing out in the corner becuase he was stuck? That was freakin HILARIOUS! Thumbs up if you saw it so other people can click on the time link so they can watch the guy completely spas out. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  9. is that this game is on wii?

  10. I love this game I’ll be buying it

  11. @NJ4l1fe rather have playable robin that playable nightwing in campaign… i mean come on, BULLET SHEILDS!!!

  12. Oh so you don’t have to get really fast times on Predator mode. What always put me off was the fact that it’s timed and I always take my time with stealth.

  13. Yeeeey just got a skyrim ad ^_^!

  14. Look at the guy spinning at 2:31

  15. @killerninja13 predators arent human.

  16. Trading batman beyond code for night wing message me if interested

  17. Did anyone see that guy spinning in circles in detective mode?

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