Batman: Arkham City Cutscenes Part 25 {Catwoman Saves Batman}
Batman: Arkham City Cutscenes Part 25 {Catwoman Saves Batman}

Part 25 (twenty-fifth set of Cutscenes) of the Batman Arkham City Cutscenes. May include quick time events. This is all about Catwoman.

  1. @Skaijo Nah, she walks very lady-like, but Rocksteady over-did it……like they over-did the her „sexy“ voice and the death of the Joker >:’C

  2. „You’re right, I think I chipped a nail back there.“

    Coming from Bat’s makes him sound homo………

  3. no kiss, i was kind of disappointed

    So were many fanboys

  4. i think i chiped a nail back there XD!!!!! haha

  5. She said „Fine“ and Catwoman was tied up with a vine Haha Batman Pun.

  6. Does she always walk like that?

  7. Am I the only one that sees Ivy aiming for Catwoman in the third game of this series? I don’t think Selina will talk her way out this time.

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