Batman Arkham City – Amusement Mile – ALL Tyger Security Camera Locations
Batman Arkham City – Amusement Mile – ALL Tyger Security Camera Locations

SUBSCRIBE! MORE COMING! Location of all Tyger Security Cameras in Amusement Mile! Stay tuned! Rendering video takes time! No commentary due to self explanatory map locations. If you have questions, ASK!

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  1. thanks man. couldnt find that CCTV hub

  2. @Brontes692 Your welcome. Glad we can help some more people out. Thanks for the feedback

  3. thanks man this really helped

  4. @Eddieharvey55 yeah dude, i should be posting all the catwoman’s tomorrow. I HOPE! But there already are some posted in the Batman Arkham City playlist

  5. Heyy, do you know where all the catwoman trophys are? mainly the last one?

  6. Thanks for this!! I needed 2 cameras and the CCTV hub

  7. Im glad we could help you out NickBrady!! The time for the one you need help with is 3:07

  8. thanks so much, couldn’t find one so i watched your vid, i need help on one thing, where is the security system for amusement mile that i have to hack??

  9. @dziewa80 cool, thanks. - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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