Ace Combat Assault Horizon :: (Mission 16) Akula :: (HD) :: Difficulty Ace
Ace Combat Assault Horizon :: (Mission 16) Akula :: (HD) :: Difficulty Ace

  1. @elHBKid he didn’t eject…he fell out lol

  2. @legendseaker Get a connection asap, this plane is a must have and you will not regret purchasing it.

  3. @7SeasonsovFireBlaze Rats! i dont have online !

  4. Wait a second,is the PAK FA palyable after you finish the singleplayer campaing?

  5. @legendseaker Yep, it’s DLC. I think it was 7.99 on PSN.

  6. @7SeasonsovFireBlaze how do you get it? is it a download?

  7. @legendseaker U should get the new jet that came out. The ASF-X Shinden II. It’s more maneuverable than the PAK-FA and is fully customizable like the other jets.

  8. @7SeasonsovFireBlaze thats a kick ass plane! hard to kill when markov flies it! i use the F-22 my self! thats just because its my favorite jet fighter!

  9. @legendseaker It is. The PAK-FA.

  10. that plane your using, i think its the one malikov uses

  11. @elHBKid actually all planes tht u shot down the pilots jump out or eject from the planes..u just didn’t see hard enogh…it was in the demo 2

  12. this mission is tricky, however if u use the F/A-18 and its radar jam, it helps with how he fires missles in front of u and saves u from missle barrage, but i like your playthrough on this mission, its tough wasnt it? and that plane and the f-22 i love to use on this mission. grats on your finish on ace

  13. @rickyrickylo practice practice practice, easiest way is to make the arrow be close and lead them in and break hard, if it fails quickly speed up and break left or right and quickly try again, and i mean quickly cause if u fail twice, u are gonna get hit badly or shot down on ace thats for sure. also xbox live helps with practicing

  14. is that a PAK FA T-50?

  15. anybody see the ejected guy at 1:52?

  16. @rickyrickylo press the decellerate button and turn one way then press itr again and turn other way the two arrows meet and then press both first shoulder buttons together RB+LB/R1+L1

  17. PAK-FA vs. PAK-FA.. This is going to be MAD!

  18. @Footballer13th PAK-FA

  19. Is there a chance that Markov is alive ?

    BTW, whats with the last words between them mean ? The „Bishop“ and „Markov“ part.

  20. @MEAxMasterElite what aircraft are you using???

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