The Minecraft Files – The Minecraft Files #50: Original World Tour 2/2 (HD)
The Minecraft Files – The Minecraft Files #50: Original World Tour 2/2 (HD)

By popular request and in celebration of my 50th Episode of The Minecraft Files, I do a tour of my original and very first single player Minecraft world. The Minecraft Survival Guide: New Website:

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  1. I love this. It reminds me of my first world! It was just like your cliff house, a whole lot of digging,with all the fortifications made out of dirt XD. I no longer have it though =( I remember dieing, and i didn’t know where it was from my spawn point. 2 days later beds were released -.-

  2. @treygon11 how to summon it….. REALLY? i see this was 6 months ago so were u a n00b at that time?

  3. How much iron did u have to get??!!

  4. @BubbyFilmsINC I think he made the world during alpha

  5. Hey, chimneyswift, I wanna see if you can get diamonds legitly with dan021, luclin, and wolv21 in under an hour!

  6. lol soo many farms lol

  7. minecart station is a masterpiece

  8. Can you please show us the chapel?

  9. awesome minecart station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. the paulsoares style mob trap was originally drunkoncustards design.
    Thumbs up so King Chimney can see

  11. red line reminds me of one piece

  12. @dabaum5797 lol thank you

  13. you cpould make the great wall of chimney 😀 and connect all of you buildings…

  14. @ChimneySwift11 I saw the trees are all regular.

  15. @TheBlightning thanks! 🙂

  16. @BubbyFilmsINC I think so, why?

  17. Say, did you start this world in 1.1 update?

  18. that system for your minecarts is amazing dude

  19. You didn’t show us your church. =(

  20. that farm is amazing… can you perfect the system plz (if that works it would be sooooo nice)

  21. O.O those were my eyes when i saw that minecart system… that is friggin awesome!

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