Next GTA Vice City Reveal 2012!
Next GTA Vice City Reveal 2012!

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  1. @HaloandDBZFan345 what are the links to the videos? thanks 🙂

  2. Actually vice city takes place 1986 and vice city stories is 84

  3. at 0:55 do i see 2010 lmao

  4. its 2012 and yes gta V is vice city 2

  5. They are making r remake of the original vice city. It’s called Vice City rage. They are using GTA 4 rage engine. They only have a few videos right now but I can tell it will be an instant success.

  6. i was born in 1986. Grew up watching american films like back to the future & flight of the navigator. Living in a bleak city in england in the 80’s & i remember thinking wow america looks amazing. So vice city is like a cartoon of 80’s america & it connects with my inner child. So i hope they re-make vice. Even if it turns out bad.

  7. @dasithdd97 You realize GTA V will probably be set in Liberty city if it follows the traditional GTA pattern? Think about it. GTA 3 (Liberty City), GTA 4 (Liberty City), GTA 5 (Liberty City). But you know why the next GTA will NOT be set in Liberty City. BECAUSE IT’S NOT FUCKING CALLED GTA 5. Why the fuck is everyone saying GTA 5?

  8. Vice city for life!

  9. Actually vice city 2 comes out 2012 June 16…

  10. @raztin1 diaz missions were always my favorite. especially when u kill him

  11. Vice city….and i want the same radio station and songs!!!!

  12. if gta v is vicecity = good
    if gta v is liberty city again = awwman
    if gta v is in san andreas = YEAH!

  13. @raztin1 Vice City was based entirely around Scarface. Of course it’d remind you of it

  14. dont u mean vice city 2 therse no vice city 3 so its not 4 its vice city 2

  15. let’s hope so man…
    but even if it is, it will probably only come out october 2012… that’s a long way

  16. If they do create a pc version it better not be on steam because if it is I will really be pissed.

  17. vice city was by far my fav!

  18. i also think that vice city should get updated like gta 4 engine thats what rockstar games should do cause vice city is the best out of the series and sandreas

  19. dear rockstar.
    please stop making bullshit games like red dead redemption, or max payne 3 (wich doesn’t even look like the original max payne games :/) and make us a new gta!
    and stop making games for PS3 only, we PC gamers want our games too!

  20. or remake of older gta games but with gta 4 style

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