NBA 2K12 My Player – How I Became a Starter
NBA 2K12 My Player – How I Became a Starter

This video shows my journey from coming off the bench to starting. I played mostly shooting guard in my 1st 13 games. I wasn’t able to play like a true point guard. My main objective was to just score. We traded Kyle Lowry for Lamar Odom. Luis Scola got injured. I got my 1st A+ teammate grade in my 13th game vs. the Spurs. My next video is my 1st game as a starter. I will also show my attributes. 1:00 Blooper and AK47 embarrassed me again 2:00 I choked at the free throw line 2:38 Sexy crossover 3:08 Got em leaning 4:10 Turnover then chase down block 4:40 Making it look easy 5:25 Nice comeback starts here 5:55 2K cheeses me 6:18 Odom trade 6:30 Moving without the ball 8:31 Step back jumper 8:52 CP3 blocks me again 10:04 Scola injured 10:40 Kevin Martin jacks up a 3 for the lead 11:16 Perfect play 11:58 Kevin Martin 3 point game winner at the buzzer 12:56 My 1st A+ teammate grade

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  1. sup man so what jump shot do you use

  2. hey chris is it hard to get the moves down?

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  4. Smoove and his greatness always makes me want to play as well on hall of fame. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. @TheGreekStifler i feel you every night if you know what i am saying

  6. Smoove do you play all games or just key games?

  7. yo boss what helps you to get in starting lineup with dallas

  8. this probably a noob for real in dis game!!!!!!!!!

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    I have NBA 2k12 and Call Of Duty commentaries
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    Help me out

  10. splaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAaaaaashhh!

  11. @TheGreekStifler true on that but 2k12s my player is nothing , i hate it. 2k11s my player was 10times better.

  12. @MrDoucheBag247 what about for ps3

  13. Great video brother smoove! Playing my player shows you what players have to go through to be great in the NBA. I agree with that you have to be patient and get
    real good to enjoy the real basketball game .

  14. has there been any changes from nba 2k11

  15. Your beast, please keep up long videos of NBA, your the only commentator that does this and I praise you for it

  16. how do you crossover? sick !

  17. @lil8688 I just press the left trigger four times at medium range and let it fly

  18. whos shot did you take? melos? or Kobe’s?


  20. How can u get that instant plays with al the arrows?

  21. ???????????? ??o? ??oo?s ? s? s??? ?? dn sq?n???

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