NBA 2K12 My Player – 1st Game as a Starter
NBA 2K12 My Player – 1st Game as a Starter

I still ended up playing some SG minutes this game. Later on in the season I get to stay at PG for the entire game. I have quite a few videos to make. More games of course, but I also have some old school unacceptable videos to make haha. 0:46 Announcers talk about me starting 1:38 Cheating the screens 2:48 Gave me too much space 3:35 I wasted a steal 4:46 I made it through the paint 5:37 I looked scared! 7:30 That’s not me raging! 8:08 Sexy double cross ruined! 9:02 Press conference

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  1. whats that music in the background in the beginning?

  2. Thumbs up if you don’t want to thumbs up people who say thumbs up.

  3. 3:45 when he turns it over…*announcer-„REEEEEETARD“

  4. Thumbs up for some more Smoove Heavy Rain Vids!!!

  5. i lol after saw yo my player face on that dunk

  6. the plays actually work now

  7. @chimpanze34123 The intro IS from Heavy Rain!

  8. @ndkgomsu the pre game intros arent from 2K

  9. why are there 2 gay girls making out in a rated e game

  10. This nigger is fucked up

  11. You should have more intros like that 😉

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  15. @Tracylieber that just ruins all the fun and hrd work

  16. yo what’s up chris smoove? i love your videos and i am needing some advice. i’ve got me a point guard created and i got drafted by the wizards but i can’t keep up with John Wall. so should i request a trade or stay in Washington?

  17. Did they just say his name Smoove? at 0:47

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