NBA 2K12 gameplay (PSP) smooth… Nets vs Wizards (1st quarter only)
NBA 2K12 gameplay (PSP) smooth… Nets vs Wizards (1st quarter only)

Here’s gameplay for NBA 2K12 on the PSP. The sound quality is low since I didn’t adjust the volume and had little time to make the necessary correction (yes, I’m rushing this). I’ll try to have more videos up on Sunday or Monday. If you have any requests in terms of favorite match-up’s, send them and I’ll do what I can. This is a demo match and all of the videos I’ll make will be demo since it’ll be difficult to play and film with my camera being so heavy. Oh, and this time I am using a tripod (LOL). From what I see so far, this is the game that we were supposed to get last year because it has many of the features included in the PS3/360 version in terms of the Jordan challenges. This is not a full game, it’s only a full first quarter and a bit of the second quarter. Unfortunately, that’s all I had the time to record for the moment. I’ll examine this game more on Sunday or Monday. Enjoy!

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  1. please upload a video gameplay of the jordan mode(my jordans, jordan challenge). thanks - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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