Let’s Play Dark Souls part 6 (New Londo Ruins) with commentary
Let’s Play Dark Souls part 6 (New Londo Ruins) with commentary

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  1. you have the most annoying voice ive ever heard. start making videos without talking.

  2. @gamingarcadiaHD OK i’m in anor lando now so i’ll give u some advice, for blightown, keep your shield up, buy pleanty of moss to keep the posion off yuh, then make a jump on this ledge to another platform nd u will get a cool ninja sword 😀 the bonfire will be right infront of yu, from there go BACK fom the bonfire and be carefall from the dogs etc, u may find the ninja armour make yur way through this tunnel and u will come out to a swamp, keep goin down and run to this tunnel, bonfire there

  3. @TheSpaceMutt I’m currently at BlightTown and once I’m done with my first playthrough I’ll do a video walkthrough of my second but in the mean time on my smallsouljah007 channel I try to put up tips and tricks when I can

  4. @gamingarcadiaHD What bit r u on in the game now?

  5. @9EricR yeah but I think I’m much better now plus I had no business in New Londo

  6. @TheSpaceMutt yeah this is a rough area, I made the mistake on coming here

  7. That place is too hard bro and i’m lev 45

  8. @cautionfire lol no from the Caribbean, everyone’s trying to guess where I’m from but that’s the first time someone said Boston

  9. @stick5391 so perhaps making this a playthrough or let’s play would be better, but I agree this shit aint helpful to know one at all never looked at it like that

  10. Stop making walkthroughs if you have no clue what the fuck you’re doing -_-, you need a curse before you can kill the ghosts…..

  11. @unstable360 lol no way man I from the Caribbean but people often ask me a lot if I’m from New Orleans, my mic is pretty bad but I did get a new USB so hopefully I sound different. You could try my new channel smallsouljah007 and tell me if I sound any different

  12. What is your accent ?? Seriously I’ve never heard it before, a mix if American & south African, it’s weird bro

  13. haters gonna hate,least he made a video for you ungrateful fucks.

  14. @gamingarcadiaHD Cool!

  15. i hate this freaking place i used all trensiet curses a i have no clue where im going or what im supposed to do I NEED HELP!!!

  16. man japanese game develo[pers are the best dont forget resident metal gear solid 1,2,3 ,4 ,devil may cry,resident evi, and devil may cry these are one of the best games there is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I’m going to help you right now because you’re embarrassing yourself bro.You can’t harm the ghosts in this area unless you’re cursed(use an item called Transient Curse) or are wielding a cursed weapon(the ghosts here drop the jagged Ghost Blade, which is cursed and can harm ghosts). Their piercing stab can’t be blocked, and neither can the grab. if they grab you, you’ll probably die instantly. The water around this area is also very deep at some points so mind your footing.

  18. @Tragikone you are correct and I do apologize about this. I’m adjusting the way how I do videos to make them more helpful and less random

  19. I was hoping to find some help on enemy locations, and finding items, but apparently I was wrong. Instead your just running about, talking annoying like, and dieing b/c you have no idea whats going on. Guess it’s time to look for a different video.

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