How to mod Mass Effect 2 xbox 360 easy!!
How to mod Mass Effect 2 xbox 360 easy!!

Here are the links needed: ME2 Save Editor: modio:

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  1. @skeletonkey245 I’ll find the new version and upload it later.

  2. @giotown yea turns out this is version 25 and for PC only theres another video here that’ll let you download the 360 version, version 24

  3. @skeletonkey245 did you get that working… cause i have the same problem

  4. is there an option to remove heavy weapons? I cant find it…

  5. The most important detail is you have to SAVE TO DEVICE on the little modio screen. After you have changed ur characters stats. REHASH AND RESIGN, an then SAVE TO DEVICE.

  6. @ngoandy789 i think the version i have is for the PC version not xbox could that be the prob? Admin didnt change anythin…………thx though

  7. @skeletonkey245 Right click run as Admin, then if it doesn’t work check google.

  8. @ImThisKidd rewatch video I added some notes

  9. I need help :/ I did everything but, when I go play the game nothing shows up. Like I’d change the credits to 999999 but, nothing changed.

  10. FUCK! everytime i try to load a file into gibbed it give me an error message saying
    „Unandled exception has occured in you application. Click continue and the application will ignore this error and continue“ but then it wont load my save HELP

  11. @ngoandy789 i removed it because i figured it out. but thanx anyway and awesome vid

  12. how o u do it its a rar file?

  13. @deadblood2 idk why your comment was removed but search for USBXTAFGUI that is the program you need

  14. @Bored4eternity you probably modified the values to high or to low. also make sure you use modio to rehash and resign

  15. okay…as far as i can see, i’ve done everything correctly, but when i go to access the save file in game or to create a new career based on the modded save, it shows up as „save 0“ and is not selectable. What did i screw up?

  16. do you need your xbox modded in order to do this

  17. @TurianSpectre22 well it can’t be from the mod because it is a savegame mod and has nothing to do with the system. maybe your xbox has a problem.

  18. @ngoandy789 the next time i go to play it again it does even if its like 2 mins later. Still its not a big problem its just weird and I was just wondering

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