How to jtag an xbox {Part 3} {Installing the drivers} ?]?]
How to jtag an xbox {Part 3} {Installing the drivers} ?]?]

SKIP TO THE NEXT PART IF YOU ARE JTAGGING WITH THE LPT METHOD! Download for Drivers: Buying The Flasher: Printer Cable: [? TUTORIAL ON HOW TO INSTALL DRIVERS [TEXT] ?] ??????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? EXTRA TAGS: jtag xbox 360 modded hacked live usb mw2 call of duty waw zombies toolbar conduit money free spi flashed 25$ wow ipod touch iphone jailbreak sotacan terrell fix xenon take nand apart mod hack immortal talant how to jtag your xbox 360 console how do i jtag a xbox 360

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  1. @BzRKxKILLER yea ill get on in like an hour

  2. @BzRKxKILLER sry man than i dont no. but i dont see how xell isnt working if you have your dvd drive connected correctly.

  3. @BzRKxKILLER then it should boot into xell

  4. @BzRKxKILLER use a wired usb controller or a wirreless one via charge and play and plig it into the back usb port on your xbox, the by the ethernet port. once plugged in just power on the xbox by powering on the controller.

    I had the same problem and this fixed it…you might have to mess with some shit b4 getting it to work.
    also do you have a working dvd drive? if not then thas the reason…xell/xellous need a dvd drive.

  5. @sotacan my xboxis not yet jtag that is why im asking and i did googled it

  6. @FATBOY9694 Again please try to just use google b4 asking a question…(its much faster for u and less work for me) To get ur CPU key just boot the xbox into xell by pressing the eject button, then waiting for a few min and then the cpu shows up

  7. from FATBOY9694 how to get the cpu key i seen this guy turn on is 360 when he was flashing then it gave him an ip adress for is cpu key is that we get because it says dont turn on the xbox when the flasher is connected

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