Halo Mega Bloks Upcoming 2012 Sets
Halo Mega Bloks Upcoming 2012 Sets

Upcoming Halo Mega Bloks Sets , set to Be Released In Spring 2012 These Sets Were Revealed At PAX

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  1. hi im definatley getting the truck with jeorge

  2. @nlpRODUCTIONS11 what do you mean by f@£ker this is youtube man just delete those censors

  3. the armory looks sweet

  4. @legomanijak you suck dicks

  5. No they don’t you f@£ker

  6. seraph would be to hard to build

  7. seraph wou;d be to hard to build

  8. /elite armoury pack is amazing it comes with the halo 2 elite honar guard weopon and armour to put on the elite

  9. i want the armory packs, and the shade turret

  10. @legomasterv1 yeah I know, it would be able to do that but it still it wouldn’t be that fun with just those two.

  11. @Henryv888 I mean the Seraph, not Sabre… Then the Seraph would be able to go up against the Sabre like in Long Night of Solace

  12. @rahkshifan99 You’re joking right? All of those photos were taken at the Mega Bloks booth at HaloFest. Those first three were part of a vote to decide on one of the sets to be released next year (the Sabre won, Spirit lost by only 3 votes so it will likely be made as well.) The other photos were from the panel at HaloFest showcasing upcoming toys for the Halo franchise. All of the sets from the Armory Packs onward are coming out as well. None of that is Lego.

  13. @rahkshifan99 acually he is wrong the only prototype set that is coming out is the sabre because it got the most votes, but yes these are mega bloks offical protyotypes, not fan created

  14. Yes but they’re creations of Halo fans, not actual sets coming out later.

  15. @rahkshifan99 i saw these irl, they were on display at halo fest

  16. @odst3556 – Just look at the color and feeling of the bricks- they’re legos.

  17. @rahkshifan99 no, they are not

  18. Haha these are LEGO mocs you idiot

  19. Were are you getting these pictures?

  20. 0:08, ODST Bullfrogs with jetpacks.

  21. @legomasterv1 well yes but even then it wouldn’t be all that fun but if they will add a sabre they kind of have to add something else otherwise like nobody would get it.

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