FIFA 12 Ultimate Team | Subscriber Squad Builder (Slavic Squad)
FIFA 12 Ultimate Team | Subscriber Squad Builder (Slavic Squad)

Leave a like for a squad idea you guys came up with! :D Send me your squads if you would like to get involved (No Brazilian squads please!) Daniel’s Channel: I am working on streaming for today guys, hopefully we can get a stream squad builder going :P Twitter @jackatack45 to figure out when I stream @ Looking for more FIFA 12 action? Come check out my channel for more everyday! :P Check out my first ever FIFA 12 full game! What a stunner!

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  1. @iLiMiDi MIght have one of those coming up :D

  2. African team

  3. @yoyomatto Yugoslavia is not a country anymore…

  4. @iManCity ;)

  5. @jackattack45 Sounds great! I’d do it but got no spare coins apart from my main team lol :)

  6. @yoyomatto Awesome! :D

  7. I am doing a Yugoslavian team! Please like this idea, beast squad will be posted soon!

  8. @iManCity I am doing one actually! lol this is a slavic team? More like a U.S.S.R team. Btw I will post it when it’s finished so it should be by tomorrow.

  9. Someone make a Balkan squad.. ie: Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia/Montenegro/etc :)

  10. @lxLiMiTeDxl lol, you even spelt “Liverpool” wrong… what a shame!

  11. @jackattack45 Great vid jack! :) Ive sent my russian league sqaud in. :)


  13. @jackattack45 :D whens the stream?!?! is it gonna be uk time friendly?

  14. I know people probably get fed up with these soppy comments, but I’m gonna put one up anyway. I’m Jake and i make Fifa videos. I’ve recently started a series called unique squads(Polish and Swiss so far). Id love it if you came to my channel and had a look, 1 more subscriber would make my day :)

  15. It’s horrible!!!! 83 chemistry WITH Manager ????

  16. I’m currently working on a German-Italian hybrid squad. I’m missing a left back at the current moment and I have no manager to.

  17. @WojtuszewskiPL True. Jelen, Lewandowski and Peszko is also good polish players. - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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