Dungeon Defense Waves 7-9
Dungeon Defense Waves 7-9

This is a really fun demo of an upcoming game I found. The upcoming game is called Dungeon Defenders, and will be the lovechild of tower defense and action all run on the Unreal engine. It will have four playable classes: the Apprentice, Huntress, Monk, and Squire. All four have different playstyles and strategies. There will for certain be a multiplayer co-op mode, and a DotA-style mode has been talked about. It will come out for the PC (through Steam and other platforms), PSN (with move support), XBLA, and even IOS (Iphone, IPod Touch, and IPad) at a rumored .99. An updated demo is likely going to release just before the full game’s release. The demo is fairly old and is a really early version of the game. The demo is entitled Dungeon Defense and only has the Apprentice as a playable character. It’s a really fun game, so I figured I’d show you guys. Demo Download: www.udk.com Dungeon Defenders Trailer: www.youtube.com

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  1. whats really good about this particular version of the game is that it was just their concept that DD was derived from….the real game looks wayyyyyy better with more options and content

  2. @sornlol1 TWEWY

  3. It was intense from level 1 to 8~, but I got to wave 13-14 after the first try, and left the game because I saw there wouldn’t be any new creeps and the waves was “only” an increasing number.
    Though what more could you expect from a demo, it’s much more than what you get to try from a regular demo.
    Nevertheless, this was a really awesome game, and I can’t wait for the full version to be released.

  4. nvm its in the comments the world ends with you is freaking awesome

  5. damnit this song is bugging the hell out of me!! were have i heard it…

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