Dungeon Defenders quick 40k xp in 4min
Dungeon Defenders quick 40k xp in 4min

Very quick and useful way to pick up 40k xp doing about 10k/min on the deeper wells insane following this simple strategy. Nothing complicated or long waves to deal with, just place your mines and stand at the crystal. If you want to lvl your huntress then start on apprentice or squire and place your barricades first, and then fill in your traps.

  1. I was wondering how the #1 Hero on this was a level 9 squire with 5 minutes! Thanks for explaining this.

  2. @MrDtrain187 Insane has built time off. You can also turn build time off when starting a game.

  3. For some reason I never thought of simply throwing up barricades, I overcomplicated it with extra traps.

  4. @MrDtrain187 survival waves take 30mins + so u can afk for a bit/keep an eye on it on a different monitor.

  5. I managed to complete this level on insane when I was a squire level 10 without getting hit and without any other class, just put down bouncers and arrow towers 😛 My time was about 4,5 min

  6. @bigbiker05 If you go afk on survival, who’s hitting the crystal for you? YOU PAPER WEIGHTIN‘ YOUR MOUSE BRU?

  7. Thanks a lot!

  8. But going AFK on survival for 30+ minutes at a time is fun… I think.

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