Dark Souls Walkthrough – PT. 26 – Mitchell Arrives at Drake Valley, Then Runs Away to Blighttown
Dark Souls Walkthrough – PT. 26 – Mitchell Arrives at Drake Valley, Then Runs Away to Blighttown

This is a video walkthhrough for the intensely difficult action RPG, Dark Souls. Full disclosure, this video does cut up much of the dying and grinding that goes into this playthrough and focuses mostly on the videos where some progress is made. For a full written walkthrough, please check www.gamefront.com Dark Souls Walkthrough Dark Souls Walkthru Dark Souls Gameplay Dark Souls How To Dark Souls Help Dark Souls Walkthru Dark Souls Let’s Play Dark Souls Lets Play Machinima

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  1. @Zazie900 kill the gaping dragon

  2. @Zazie900 kill the gaping dragon

  3. Dark souls is one of the best games i have played in a long time, yeah its hard as hell but that makes me want 2 play it more, i allways want 2 see whats around the next corner lol

  4. I wonder how many subs they got from this walkthrough series. EVERYONE is looking for a dark souls walkthrough

  5. @eddietoles91 his in the depths after you go past blighttown

  6. the shield gives him that buff to regen

  7. @Zazie900 I Went into Blighttown through The Depths after killing gaping dragon. They key for the gate is actually found from blight town. You need to come from inside to open the gate unfortunately :/

  8. where did you geet the key for the gate in 9:30?

  9. @BASSxACE Add Quantum Resolve, I need some help bad!

  10. yea that door to go into the blight town is locked for me… share the name of the lkey or something

  11. dude you rolled right into the lightning twice wtf

  12. @MacksvilleMMA the shield

  13. Anyone wanna play some Co op you can add me. My Gamertag is „All insane x“ I only play on 360 and my soul level is currently 37.

  14. what makes his stamina gain back so quickly

  15. Guys, about the sack, when you find it, SAVE IT!
    When you meet Snuggly the Crow, trade the sack with him for a Demon’s Great Hammer.

    Just a tip I hope you’ll like.

  16. @BaDnEwS6666

    Holy crap i never noticed that about the sheild

  17. Draks are easy to kill just dont run into there thunder breath <_< like you did

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