Dark Souls Walkthrough – PT. 24 – Mitchell Removes the Curse and Sets Off For More Revenge
Dark Souls Walkthrough – PT. 24 – Mitchell Removes the Curse and Sets Off For More Revenge

This is a video walkthhrough for the intensely difficult action RPG, Dark Souls. Full disclosure, this video does cut up much of the dying and grinding that goes into this playthrough and focuses mostly on the videos where some progress is made. For a full written walkthrough, please check www.gamefront.com Dark Souls Walkthrough Dark Souls Walkthru Dark Souls Gameplay Dark Souls How To Dark Souls Help Dark Souls Walkthru Dark Souls Let’s Play Dark Souls Lets Play Machinima

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  1. if u kill the undead merchant in undead burg he drops a sword n some other bullshit

  2. yeah you could of just gone to where the hydra thing is and kill that guy you killed before you get 3000 souls but whatever

  3. @ShogunGorilla hilarious indeed.

  4. whats funny, is that the walk through i watched for Demons Souls, the guy used a spear as well!

  5. Are u in college or high

  6. you should do a remix of every video in fast forward lol that shit is hilarious. Listening to you talking about parrying in alvins voice was awesome.

  7. @shotgunmaster88 yeah i was mistakin just saw it in a different vid and wasnt paying alot of attention it looks like 😛

  8. if its that easy to farm up souls id just max out my stats or something, cool trick.

  9. @Darkness40
    and they’re like impossible to kill

  10. oh and pyromancy works wonders on skeletons if you enhance the pyromancy flame to +4 at the pyromancy NPC

  11. hey did you know that in the graveyard their are 2 giant skeletons that give you 500 souls and when you go back to the bonfire they come back and that is 1000 souls every time

  12. @cchhrriiss825 ya he did

  13. when you’re going down on a ladder just Hold Circle to slide down

  14. At 5:04 did you ever drop down from the empty side, there are 4 treasures over there.

  15. Can you start linking videos so that the next video in a sequence is posted as a response to the previous one? kthxbye 😉

  16. Zweihander = German for two-handed

  17. never played d.s.and i was pretty certain that my first class ever was gonna be a pyromancer……..but then i watched your vids and now i kinda whanna be a thief.and im a stubborn little prick…………so in short in a not so short comment keep up the vids your doing a great job you and deserve more views/subscribers.

  18. @BaDnEwS6666 Snuggly the crow is acttuly in the asylum,you have to go to the birds nest in firelink and it should say curl up like a ball and the big crow will take you back to the asylum Snuggly is only outside where you meet the big crow go down to the tiny nest on the ledge and snuggly is there

  19. most sped up chipmunk talk 🙂 also thanks for these last 2-3 videos on curse.. As I to know have to remove my first curse.. I didn’t realize this crazy guy sold curse removal items.. thanks

  20. if you press O you can just slide down the ladders – saves a lot of time.

  21. i belive you can also get a cure curse by trading with snuggly the crow in firelink shrine

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