Dark Souls Walkthrough – PT. 14 – Mitchell Explores the Forest… And Dies
Dark Souls Walkthrough – PT. 14 – Mitchell Explores the Forest… And Dies

This is a video walkthhrough for the intensely difficult action RPG, Dark Souls. Full disclosure, this video does cut up much of the dying and grinding that goes into this playthrough and focuses mostly on the videos where some progress is made. For a full written walkthrough, please check www.gamefront.com Dark Souls Walkthrough Dark Souls Walkthru Dark Souls Gameplay Dark Souls How To Dark Souls Help Dark Souls Walkthru Dark Souls Let’s Play Dark Souls Lets Play Machinima

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  1. i call them ‘ents’ too

  2. What if I killed the Merchant? I’m at the Gargoyle boss battle, think I should restart?

  3. right by the locked door you passed there is a false wall bhind is a bonfire

  4. use lost souls to gain more souls

  5. @MultiAssasinx dark souls is always on hardcore mode. that’s why everyone dies. alot.

  6. Kudos on the LOTR reference, some said it couldnt be done..

  7. @wariomona i found it tytytytytyt so much bro

  8. U know what I want in this a hardcore mode like minecrafts X)

  9. @wariomona oh ok where about though? is it near the gargoyles down under or do you go out to the where the archers are, can u give me some directions?

  10. @SlyFoxzzz The key is on the undead parish-side of the giant gate where you fought the armored boar

  11. SOMEONE HELP ME! i beat the butterfly and the gargoyles but i still cant go through the door on the bridge where the dragon is to go down the capra demon someone help me!

  12. I love your series Mitch- you verbalize everything I do when playing it, including the frustration and the screaming

  13. Hmm i got the catalyst and soul arrows but the boss is hardly taking any damage, suggestions?

  14. think your doing really well considering you never played demons souls

  15. @Don1970 Thank you, very kind

  16. @ottoDVDx I found one near the main starting bonfire. Take the elevator down, and when you get to the point where you have a choice to go left towards ghosts…don’t….go right instead towards the cliff, but if you hang a slight left at the cliff theres steps going down to a dead end drop off. There’s a guy behind bars who has a couple of spells and he has a catalyst. Also he can repair your gear ect.

  17. Where you Find the Catalyst?

  18. wow… where do you get more titanite to upgrade? thanks!

  19. 6 hours… I’m really happy I’m talanted at gaming right now…

  20. Where did you get that armor!!??

  21. @eddietoles91 i try ^-^ lol

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