Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 41 – Depths Merchant – Domhnall of Zena [HD] [Commentary]
Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 41 – Depths Merchant – Domhnall of Zena [HD] [Commentary]

Check out this walkthrough for the open world fantasy adventure game, Dark Souls, made by From Software, and find out how to find the Depths merchant Domhnall of Zena and purchase crystal weapons with this online demo. These videos were made with the Playstation 3 version of Dark Souls. Spoiler warning! This video contains both gameplay footage and cutscenes from Dark Souls. For more Dark Souls videos with commentary from Howcast Gaming, go to www.youtube.com For Dark Souls playthrough videos with no commentary from Howcast Gaming, go to www.youtube.com Also be sure to follow us on Twitter at @HowcastGaming! Dark Souls Gameplay Dark Souls Walkthrough Dark Souls Part 41 Dark Souls Dark Souls Walkthrough Dark Souls Achievements Dark Souls Playthrough Dark Souls Domnhall of Zena Dark Souls Crystal weapons Dark Souls Tips Dark Souls Chapter Dark Souls Walkthrough Dark Souls Boss

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  1. Comic con? That was months ago…

  2. Wow the merchant is not there on my game why is that?

  3. I have trust in you that you will continue this. Might it be after Batman. Arkham City shouldnt take too long right?

  4. Wow you suck why make walkthrough and not finish then it abit pointless starting one then.

  5. @HowcastGaming More Dark Souls please. This is so got damn good!

  6. it also seems that Demon souls had many more traps. floor triggers with arrows and such, I have not seen many, actually any of them so far. have you came across any yet?

  7. @DireJoker5 it isnt, you can bump it up to 720

  8. @HowcastGaming Okay 🙂 But I do hope for this walkthrough :p

  9. @TheFunkSyndicate Don’t worry there will be more, either more dark souls, or another game, or something else. Promise!

  10. Awww what?

    I subbed because of this walktrhough 🙁

  11. Please keep it going!
    thanks for then help!

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