Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 2 – I Beat A Boss! – Let’s Play (Xbox 360/PS3 Gameplay)
Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 2 – I Beat A Boss! – Let’s Play (Xbox 360/PS3 Gameplay)

Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 2 THE BEST HOTTEST HD Walkthrough on YouTube! (Gameplay & Commentary) Let’s Play / Playthrough with live commentary. I’ll be doing the full Dark Souls Walkthrough so please leave a comment, rating, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! twitter.com FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK! facebook.com GHOSTROBO SHIRTS! www.redbubble.com Thanks for watching 🙂 Click here to subscribe! www.youtube.com DARK SOULS FULL WALKTHROUGH PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com

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  1. You just missed the opportunity for a downward attack on that boss that would’ve taken away half of its health.

  2. you need to spend less time explaining things to the viewer and focus on playing the game

  3. That bird is like sparkly the crow! you have to drop an item similair to what he wants and you get something.

  4. Hotekey Button: X or Xbox, or Square or Ps3, and you should have done the fall attack on him.

  5. I like how blood on the ground shows where another player died at, and how. More games should do this more often.

  6. @anlance12 or X on Xbox. LOL!



  9. @Narut0luva12 you may think that but once you play it… basically they put that in just to give you hope.

  10. looks like a really dark version of fable?

  11. Haven’t they made it easier, being able to heal and level up etc, at a bonfire?

  12. @TheKevman65 Skyrim will be the easiest game ever.. Nothing about it will be hard..

  13. @TheFuuru this joke is so timeless!

  14. Equip weight above 100% of Equip Burden leaves the player unable to roll and run.
    Equip weight above 50% of Equip Burden gives slow movement.
    Equip weight below 50% of Equip Burden gives medium movement.
    Equip weight below 25% of Equip Burden gives fast movement.

  15. Did you see the one who was running in the left of the screen at 7:31……!!!?

  16. hit x to use flasks

  17. @TheKevman65 dude, TOTALLY-DIFFERENT-GAME.

  18. This game looks like it SUCKS!!!!! SKYRIM will DOMINATE!!!!!!!!

  19. this game is awesome

  20. Holy shit dude I thought you said you played demon’s souls. Quick slot already set for your flask and how you even get hit by this boss? Its vanguard… Pffff fail

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