Dark Soul – Pt. 27 Sen’s Fortress BOSS – Iron Golem, Merchant
Dark Soul – Pt. 27 Sen’s Fortress BOSS – Iron Golem, Merchant

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!! For my Complete HD Gaming Video Archive Visit: www.youtube.com For Live Stream in 1080 HD for PS3 Games Visit: www.justin.tv For COMPLETE PLAYLIST of Dark Soul (Complete Walkthrough) Visit: www.youtube.com ~~~~~Beware of SPOILERS~~~~~ This is a detailed walkthrough showing you what items to get, so you have an easier time in this extremely difficult game, as well as what path to take and how to beat the bosses. Gonna also include my first playthrough build to help save everyone some time and frustration, can always change ur build ur second playthrough with new character once u master the game. VISIT my Channel for more Gaming Videos. If you like my videos please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT. Thanks!

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  1. @Nafly2K9 new video for sen fortress will be comin soon! with very detail and to the point walkthrough, pls check my channel for updates

  2. how did you get to that bonfire I can’t find it

  3. @jeskinn lol

  4. @zahjiuy When I fought him I forgot to kill the giant at the top of sens fortress, and I got launched off by a fricking bomb!

  5. when i fought him he actually fell of it was so funny

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