Crysis 1: Xbox 360 vs. PC (Fullscreen Very High & Fullscreen Very Low Settings)
Crysis 1: Xbox 360 vs. PC (Fullscreen Very High & Fullscreen Very Low Settings)

Using the absolute latest final console build footage and created solely for fun out of curiosity, this is my last Crysis 1 comparison. This game could run on Nintendo 64 if Crytek wanted it to. Don’t you remember the jungle level in Goldeneye? :p

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  1. Putain c’est quoi leurs délire avec le mode armure la…

  2. I have the game on both PC and 360 now. The PC version DOES look better, but the 360 version looks amazing at times. My biggest complaint with the 360 version are some of the textures in some of the earlier levels. Once you get to the

  3. they look like totally different games, but of course pc looks better.

  4. bahahaha..better lighting on consoles…my god, these noobs really believe this. PC version is miles ahead and thats vanilla crysis, not modded crysis. Oh crytek, how have you fallen, just like the mighty carmack….oh well, consoles are for retards anyways

  5. better lighting quality on consoles.

  6. @EyesofTheKeeper run in poor quality - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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