Batman Arkham City: Walkthrough Part 12 STUPID PHONE! Let’s Play [XBOX/PC/PS3]
Batman Arkham City: Walkthrough Part 12 STUPID PHONE! Let’s Play [XBOX/PC/PS3]

Batman Arkham City Walkthrough! Welcome to my video Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let’s Play Playthrough of Batman Arkham City with Live Gameplay and Commentary. Batman Arkham Playlist: If you guys enjoyed the video do me a favor and drop it a „Like“ rating. It helps me out a…

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  1. dude, you played video games before, right? That phone will keep ringing till the end of days, you do not have to answer it right away. If you choose to be sidetracked, that’s fine – but don’t act like the game is forcing it on you. Just do what you like and follow the damn story if you want to follow the story.

  2. when finding the coldest point do the numbers go up or way down? The Riddler challenge in the subway maintenance access how do i beat that he says the answer is 2 but what am i suppose to do

  3. Are you serious? People watch your videos for help. You’re last video was about the riddler hostage and now this is a totally different side mission. Stop jumping around and do things in a way that would benefit your viewers!

  4. dude, you need to get some consistency in your walkthroughs. In Part 11 you started on Riddler’s hostage side quest but instead of finishing that you just skip ahead and start doing something different. For a supposed walkthrough that is really crap. If you start something keep at it until it’s finished. Otherwise it’s not a walkthrough but simply watching some random dude playing a damn game…

  5. Dude, I wouldn’t post videos if I sucked at this game as much as you do.

  6. you act like you HAVE to answer the dang phone lol ignore it

  7. lol in the beginning where u were cracking the code for the trophy the first half was analy i was like wth kind of passward is that

  8. @DynamicDevil pretty sure you can, quite handy seeing as it moves around

  9. how about you go back and finish the hostages like you where doing in 11

  10. like dude just follow the story fuck the side shit

  11. At 0:41 it seems you can batclaw onto the helicopter!

  12. just dont pick up the phone

  13. I literally lol’ed at 8:00 when Zzasz calls, there is SO much going on in this game. If I was Batman I’d be like „fuck it“

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